Submarine Sound is a boutique sound and music services company based in Los Angeles, CA.

We have a dual focus on post production sound and music, so can provide a one-stop shop post audio department for your project. Run by Nick Norton (IATSE Local 700), our crew has years of experience in sound and music editing and mixing features, television, and streaming projects. And with a background in live sound and recording studio work, we've found we can be of help for just about any audio situation you come across.


Post Production Sound

  • Sound effects editorial
  • Dialogue editorial
  • Rerecording mixing


  • Music editorial
  • Composition
  • Recording and mixing
  • Live sound


Please visit Nick's IMDb for a list of credits. In addition to what is listed there we have cut podcasts, sound edited and mixed featurettes and commercials, contracted musicians, set up and run sound for countless live events, and even produced a few albums.


If you don't see something specifically listed in our services section, it's probably worth sending a message our way in case we can be of help. Got an audio question in general? We love teaching and giving support, so just drop us a line. Thanks for visiting!

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